Our over-sized storage facility in Claremore offers our tenants a choice for housing their large recreational items like RVs and Boats. Feel free to contact us any time if you have any questions and also check out some frequently asked questions below.

Why should I store my RV, Boat or recreational items?
When your recreational vehicles are stored in our enclosed bay, they are protected against the extreme Oklahoma weather. Sun can damage RV and vehicle roofs, fiberglass gel coating, paint, tires, rubber moldings and caulking of your recreational vehicles.

Solar and ozone exposure can crack your tires. All tires age. Tire Manufacturers store their tires indoor to avoid the atmospheric damage when exposed to the weather elements and prevent premature degradation.

Keeping your items stored indoor also alleviates the need for cleaning and waxing.

Law enforcement agencies and insurance companies recommend that recreational vehicles be stored inside.

No more criticisms by neighbors, violations of Neighborhood Covenants or City Ordinances for storing in front of your residence or on the street. No more costly citations.

When stored in a locked bay, your recreational items are safe and sound.

What size storage bay do I need?

Our BIG TOY storage bays are 16.5′ wide x 50′ deep and each door clearance is 14′ wide x 14′ high. 

For example, if you have a 38′ Motorhome, you would have 14′ X 12′ additional storage left open for your jet skis, motorcycles, and other recreational vehicles. You can store your shorter jet ski trailers sideways.

If you have a 25′ Fifth Wheel, then you have additional space for a 20′ ski boat!
OR you could lease one of our MEDIUM-LARGE TOY Storage bays that are 14′ wide and 30′ deep with 12′ wide doors that are either 12′ or 13′ tall.

If your Toy can be stored outdoors, we have ample outdoor gravel parking spaces too. Many storage combinations are possible at!

How soon can I move in?
You can move in as soon as you’ve signed your Lease Agreement.
What do I need to provide to rent space?
All you need is a government-issued form of ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.). Also, if you are renting a vehicle space, you will need to bring a copy of your registration and insurance forms.
Is there a security deposit?
The security deposit is equal to 1 month’s rent plus $25 for lock deposit. It is due at the time of signing the Lease Agreement and includes one case hardened lock for your storage unit, which must be returned to StorUrToys RV & Boat Storage at the end of the Lease.
Are there any items that I am prohibited from storing?

You can not store any flammable explosive or illegal materials.
You may not store live animals or live in the Storage Unit or other areas at the StorUrToys Site.
You can not use the LARGE TOY storage space to store household items, furniture, boxes of contents or other property not related or contained within your RV or boat. Ask us about using our Medium-Large individual storage bays for these items.

Where is the nearest dumping station?
A 24 hour sanitary sewer dump station is available just 15 minutes away free of charge at:
Dave’s RV, 24655 S. Highway 66

A Sanitary Sewer Dump station is also available just 5 minutes away for a $10 charge at:
KOA Campground at Will Rogers Downs, 20900 S 4200 Rd,

Regulations prohibit dumping at StorUrToys RV & Boat Storage property.

How much notice needs to be given when I move out?
Notice must be given at least ten days prior to the beginning of the last month of tenancy.